Restaurant construction jobs are often design-build projects that require a commercial contractor to oversee the project from pre-construction to completion. These projects can range from renovating an older building, refurbishing an existing space or designing a completely new location for both national franchises and single-location restaurants.

Restaurant jobs are higher risk than other commercial construction projects because they require specialized mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) work in order to ensure the kitchen is operational and meets all of the necessary safety and health codes. All restaurant designs and plans must be in compliance with the county health departments, the department of building and safety, and the fire marshall.

Bay Local Restaurant

In addition, restaurants must meet the guidelines set out by the ADA which primarily pertain to accessibility. These requirements include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Parking with appropriate accessibility signage
  • Routes to building entrance free of steps
  • Entrance ways with approved door hardware
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating

Restaurant construction is focused into two areas: “back of house” and “front of house”. “Front of house” construction encompasses all of the design work the customer sees, including the exterior, entry, dining rooms, bars, eating counters, and public restrooms. “Back of house” covers construction of the kitchen and is the primary differentiator between restaurant construction and commercial projects. Kitchen construction typically includes the installation of a cook line, dishwasher, refrigerator and three-compartment sink.

JM Froehler Construction Builds New Restaurant Location for Bay Local

Visitors and residents to Virginia Beach, Virginia, have more dining options to enjoy. Bay Local, in conjunction with JM Froehler Construction has opened their second location with local owners Adrian and Whitney Colaprete. Seafood lovers can now enjoy local ocean creations at the new location in Virginia Beach, Virginia at Linkhorn Shoppes right off Laskin Road. 

Bay Local tile

As commercial contractors, we served as the general contractor and designer for the project. We worked closely with Bay Local in Virginia Beach to construct a location that reflects the company’s drive to create a good eats local bay atmosphere. With its open floor plan and clean, modern aesthetics, Bay Local off Laskin Road is ready to serve seafood lovers throughout the community.

A Distinct Business Grows with the Help of a Client-Oriented Contractor

Bay Local is well-known for their completely personalized approach to seafood and casual dining. Customers to this local eatery will enjoy “coastal Southern” food as owners of Bay Local pride themselves on taking advantage of everything Chesapeake Bay has to offer. From summer’s hand picked crab meat to winter’s collard greens and kale, customers can enjoy these fresh in-house specials every day.

Our building construction contractor is well-versed and experienced in the challenges restaurant owners face when designing new locations. Our project manager worked closely with Bay Local owners to execute their plan and design at this brand new location. By synthesizing proven design and build methods with the unique character of the client business, our team created a new restaurant that is sure to be a beloved fixture for the community.

Bay Local waiting area

This new Bay Local location off of Laskin Road needed a major facelift in order to achieve the similar trims and styles of the original Bay Local location on Shore Drive. The new layout includes a waiting area where customers could be served drinks from the bar while they waited for their tables. JM Froehler designed and built the custom bars, constructed all the trim work on the walls and ceilings and installed different types of lighting throughout the restaurant. The copper ceiling grids add a nice seaworthy touch to the building while the accent lighting throughout illuminates the bar and the stained glass centerpieces. Our detailed hand in construction helped transform this space from a very simplistic restaurant to the popular look it has today. 

A Construction Contractor Helping Restaurants Thrive

Our construction company is committed to helping restaurant companies grow their business and satisfy the ever-changing palates of an expanding market. In the past, our commercial contractor has helped other local joints establish a presence throughout the community. Our commercial contractor is committed to helping communities grow. We are also available for a variety of commercial building construction projects, including schools, churches, shopping centers, medical facilities and more. 

Our role at JM Froehler begins during the initial stages of the planning phase and will run all the way through to project completion. We take each client step by step through every level of the process. With this restaurant, the customer met with our plan designer to draft the new location plans. 

Bay Local Laskin Road Restaurant

Once the plans have been drafted with our plan designer, they are sent over to the structural engineer who ensures that the write-ups are properly executed. As soon as that is complete, our company obtains the required permits and construction commences. During the building process, the owner has a schedule that we provide through our online platform that allows them to keep track of progress of their new restaurant construction in order to make the necessary selections for the location. By choosing a custom builder for this type of project, the customer is allowed to customize their new restaurant location with the flooring, tile, windows, roofing, masonry, paint colors, plumbing fixtures, lighting and so many other items. 

Communication is of the utmost importance during a custom build. Our online platform plays a crucial role in the process. It allows us to stay on task in order to bring the project build to completion at the scheduled time. Communication is streamlined from the customer directly to the entire team at your custom home construction headquarters using our app. When a customer has a question or has chosen a selection, it is added to the program and sent directly to the manager as well as both owners of JM Froehler Construction. The app is available 24 hours a day for your viewing convenience. Our company applies an adaptive approach to service, with an emphasis on quality and performance. Thanks to our dedication to community efforts, we have built extensive relationships with clients, vendors, and employees. By listening to customers’ needs first, JM Froehler delivers proven and long-lasting results.

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