As a Virginia Beach waterfront home builders we’re well versed in the challenges that can arise when building your custom VA beach waterfront homes. Waterfront building in Virginia Beach differs in many areas of the country due to the factors such as the Chesapeake Bay Regulations, dredged soils, and lower elevations.  When building a waterfront home especially in Virginia Beach the planning presents is the first hurdle. The CBPA approvals necessary can seem overwhelming, but JM Froehler Construction has the experience and contacts necessary to get through the process with ease. The next step is determining the soil type so that we’re sure to construct the proper foundation for you’re new waterfront home in Virginia Beach.  Foundations last lifetimes if done correctly.

The most important aspect of building a water front home in Virginia Beach is creating a watertight envelope. With powerful Nor’easter’s in the winter and possible tropical systems in later summer building a custom home that is properly flashed and sealed is critical. Wind driven leaks are expensive, frustrating and can take years to find and repair. When building waterfront homes in Virginia Beach JM Froehler construction uses only top quality materials and expert waterproofing contractors. With decades of expertise JM Froehler Construction has an eye for design. If we see a flaw in the design that presents the possibility of a future water intrusion issue we’ll not only bring attention to the issue but we’ll also redesign the construction so that the water problem is mitigated.

Waterfront Homes Virginia Beach


J.M. Froehler, the renowned builder behind, is a true master of crafting extraordinary custom waterfront homes in the vibrant city of Virginia Beach. With meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality, we elevate luxurious living to new heights. Through our creative vision and expertise, we seamlessly blend timeless architectural design with modern amenities that perfectly complement the breathtaking coastal setting of Virginia Beach.

Each home we create is a testament to our dedication in creating unique and personalized spaces that cater to the individual needs and desires of our clients. The team at possesses an intimate understanding of both functional design and aesthetics, resulting in awe-inspiring properties that harmoniously coexist with nature’s grandeur along the pristine coastline.
Whether designing breathtaking beachfront villas or constructing magnificent mansions along serene bays, our expertise shines through in every project he undertakes. From meticulously selecting premium materials to integrating state-of-the-art technology systems flawlessly and enhancing spaces with impeccable finishes – no aspect goes unnoticed or neglected by us.

From captivating ocean views that greet you at sunrise to private docks providing convenient access for sea enthusiasts – each element is thoughtfully considered within these magnificent waterfront homes. Beyond the exceptional craftsmanship lies an unwavering commitment towards environmental sustainability; incorporating energy-efficient features as well as utilizing eco-friendly materials throughout construction processes further underlines our values as one who seeks not only beauty but also responsibility when building amidst such natural splendor.

JM Froehler Construction takes building custom homes on the waterfront very seriously. We stand by our projects in hope for referrals so that we can continue our long tradition of building waterfront home in Virginia Beach. When it comes to custom waterfront homes va beach look to the builder brothers Matt and Mike for your next waterfront home.

custom waterfront homes va beach

custom waterfront homes va beach
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