The Concept

Sometimes the best inspiration is a clean slate. Our clients had a vision for a sweeping, luxurious home. In JM froehler‘s vision, this custom home would need to have clean, modern lines that draw the eyes up to the high ceilings and around the open-concept rooms. The house would need to sit perfectly surrounded by natural beauty, and designed in a way that would allow the owners to access this beauty throughout the home. 

To get that clean slate, we first tore down the old, existing home. This enabled us to start from the ground up, creating the clients’ dream home. 

The View

This stunning custom home is situated on a peninsula, surrounded by nature, and has views of the water on three sides. Water is such a soothing element, so what better way to live than overlooking the wild beauty of the Lynnhaven River from your own modern castle. 

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The Features: Main Floor

The home is an expansive haven. Its 7,000 square feet encompass so many incredible features. You enter on the main floor and walk into the kitchen living area. The room is bright and so airy, you feel almost as if you’re outdoors. 18’ tall ceilings and huge, oversized windows add to the incredible, modern vibe of the house. Natural light pours in, and you have perfect views of the Lynnhaven River and the surrounding peninsula. 

Looking up at the ceiling, you’ll see enormous, custom-designed wooden beams sweeping overhead. These help to add depth and bring more dimensionality to the room, so that the eye doesn’t get lost in such a large space. They also perfectly tie in the surrounding natural world, and bring a soft, natural wood color. 

The kitchen is full of warm, wood tones from the cabinetry and floors, and boasts modern appliances. Two bar stools at the wraparound bar face into the kitchen and inset lighting in the ceiling perfectly accents it all. 

The master bedroom is also on the main floor. As you walk into it, your eyes will immediately be drawn upwards to the 15’ tall ceilings. Mammoth windows look out over the water, ensuring that you’ll feel at peace and surrounded by natural beauty. 

The Features: Third Floor

To get to the third floor, you walk up a large, custom staircase bordered by custom railing. When you reach the top of the stairs, you’ll be able to look down onto the main floor living area and the Lynnhaven River. This view serves to create an even larger, more open space visually.

staircase new home JM Froehler

The Features: The First Floor/Basement

The first floor of this custom home is a true-formed concrete basement. Using true-formed concrete gives the rooms a modern and sleek, yet simultaneously rustic feel. It looks contemporary and is sure to appeal to everyone. 

The Features: Outside

No house is complete without a beautiful and functional outdoor space. The exterior boasts composite decks and a gorgeous stone patio with custom rails. To complete the outdoor experience is a spa, which takes full advantage of the wonderful views, and is heated with the solar technology that also provides hot water for the house.

Let Us Build Your Custom Dream Home

Meeting the clients’ needs and desires is our priority. We strive to do this by using the best materials available. JM Froehler‘s craftsmanship is superior, and our ability to collaborate is second to none. Let us help you achieve your home goals and build you the custom home of your dreams!