Homeowners tend to think the most difficult part of building a new home is finding the right contractor. While that is probably the most important step in the process, it’s usually not the most challenging. From my 18 years of experience, I can tell you it’s the decision making. Plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, fans, switch types, tile types, siding styles, roof colors, brick, railings, towel bars, paint colors, floor styles and on and on and on. Just thinking about it gives me anxiety. Not only do these decisions have to be made, but they have to be made in time and in order so that the project is not delayed. When starting a new project, the most common thing we hear is “ I know exactly what I want and can easily make these decisions”. Every time I hear that, I feel bad because I know that customer has no idea how strenuous of an exercise they’re about be involved in. Fortunately there are ways to make the process less stressful and almost enjoyable.

The first and least expensive way tackle the issue is a good old fashion three ring binder with tabs. It may remind you of grade school, but it can save from a world of organizational pain during the build. It’s simple, just tab out each selection section and as you make a selection, add it to the binder. That way as you travel from store to store you can refer to any selections you’ve made. This makes it very easy when comparing counter tops to cabinets or tile to paint colors. If you’re excel savvy, you can add a spreadsheet to keep track of you’re allowances. Personally this has worked very well for me during my own builds and I’ve seen clients loved the idea as well. Organization during a large project will keep you and the contractor happy throughout the duration of your project.

The second, but more expensive option, is an interior designer. If you feel like you need the extra set of eyes and want back up, an interior designer may be the right choice. They will keep you organized, on task and in budget. Virginia Beach is full of great interior designers for new construction custom homes.

With Internet sites such as Houzz.com, Pintrest.com and HGTV these choices are not only difficult, they’re down right overwhelming. I’m sure there are multiple other ways to go about the selection process. The key is creating a system that works for you. Keeping organized will help the contractor stay on schedule, make you’re life less stressful, and make the process of picking out the items for your dream home pleasurable.

About The Froehler Brothers

Matt Froehler and Michael are exceptional custom home builders located in Va Beach Va. They have developed an organized platform that has streamlined the construction process both for the homeowner and the contractor. Having certifications and awards that includes; Earth Craft Builders, Aging In Place Specialist, TBA Board Member, Best of Houzz Service Awards 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017. Matt and Micheal have taken custom home building to a whole new level of excellence.

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